Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We finally have Home Teachers--Now to get them to stick around...

Our family has not had consistent home teachers in about 10 years. When John told me our home teachers wanted  to come for a visit, I was excited!  Sunday at 6pm rolled around and our home teachers showed up as promised.  We visited for a few minutes before Brother Butterfield started asking about General Conference.  Just as he began sharing a message from one of the talks that stood out to him, Eli sighed really loudly and exclaimed, "This is soooo boring!"
John and I were mortified! Brother Butterfield just laughed--good thing he has a sense of humor! (Granted Eli had been in time out for about 30 min. prior to the home teachers showing up for peeing behind the shed with the neighbors watching, but still!)
Guess we need to have an etiquette lesson for Family Home Evening before the home teachers come back....if they come back! Ha ha!
April 12, 2015

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