Monday, March 30, 2015

Repentance and Pennies

Tonight we had Suzette and her family over for Family Home Evening.  Eli was teaching the lesson about repentance. He started by asking, "Who in this family has stole something?"
We all looked at each other.
He asked again, "Who stole something?"
Again we all looked around. Finally, Zander said he had. Eli started grilling him about what he had stolen. Zander wasn't about to give up that information.
We, as the four adults, tried to get him back to the lesson, but he was fixated on knowing what was stolen and wouldn't move on.
John's niece, Samantha, finally said she had stolen a penny from her friend. (Because she left it on the floor of her bedroom.)  Eli then asked what his puzzle said (He had this lesson in Primary and the puzzle pieces had the steps to repentance on them). We told him what they said, and then he finally talked about what to do AFTER to make it better, and, since Sam said she had taken a penny, he was into telling her how to repent and that she needed to pay the person a penny back!  He made quite the example of her. Lol--It was hilarious!

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