Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm so excited.....and I just can't hide it!

We haven't been able to come to Salt Lake for John's UPPAC meetings in a couple of months.  Eli has been asking lately when we were going to the hotel again.  This morning I told him he had to help me pack so we could go to the hotel.  He was so excited!  He grabbed his back pack and filled it with all the things he wanted to take.  I told him to go put it by the front door so we made sure we brought it with us.  He decided to put it on and wear it instead.  He'd been wearing it for about an hour when I told him that he didn't need to wear it right now that it would be a while until we left.  His reply?? "I have to wear it because I'm just so excited to go to the hotel!"  Love you buddy. :)

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