Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Little Helper

I de-Halloweened our house today and decided to dust before putting out the fall decorations.  Eli asked if he could do the dusting.  I did a few things too high up for him to reach, and then handed him the Swiffer.  He went to town.  He was dusting everything he could reach!  His toys, the table, the piano, the trunk...I started to put out the fall decorations and I hear, "Mom!  I'm going to dust the table.  I moved everything so I can dust it!"  I look in the living room and Eli has taken all my Alison Pantry orders--that were seperated into individual orders--off the table and has put them on the couch in a big messy pile.  I said, "Eli!  I didn't want you to dust the table.  I didn't want you touching those things."  He smiled a huge grin at me and said, "Man, I'm such a big helper..."  How can you be mad at that??? lol  He did put everything back on the table when he was done...not in the individual orders, but it was all there.  He was so proud of himself. :)  Watching him dust totally made it worth the five minutes it took to put the orders back the way I had them. I love that little boy. :)
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