Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Get your shoes on!

It was time to go pick Ian up from school so I was getting Lindey's shoes on and asked Eli to get his on also.  He kept playing with his toys.  I asked him again, "Eli, go get your shoes on, it's time to get Ian from school.  Hurry, we're going to be late!"  He just kept right on playing.  I was getting upset with him and said, "You're not doing a good job of listening to your Mom today."  Eli answered, "I just want to listen to my dad today."  Totally caught off gaurd, I was trying not to laugh as I said, "Well that's not a very good idea.  That will get you into trouble!"  Eli replied, "Ok, I'll listen to my mom AND my dad." and he trotted off to get his shoes.
Good choice you little stinker. 
October 3rd

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