Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What a hoot!

Last night we had family home evening.  I was doing the lesson and asked if someone would read the scripture for me.  Zander volunteered.  He got his Book of Mormon out and asked where to turn.  I told him the scripture and helped him look it up.  He asked if it would be alright if Owlvin read it.  I told him as long as he helped him, that would be fine.  We started family home evening with a song and prayer, then it was time for the scripture.  John asked who was reading it.  I said that Zander was.  He corrected me, "No, Owlvin is."  "Oh, sorry, Owlvin is reading with Zander's help."  Zander smiled at me and John told him whenever he was ready to go ahead.  Zander whispered toward Owlvin and then we heard, "Hoot, hoot...Hoot, hoot, hoot...Hoot...Hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot."
John and I looked at each other, and just died laughing. 
Didn't see that one coming Zander bug! :) Well played. lol We love you!


Jenny said...

That is awesome! I was totally cracking up picturing that! I had to share it with my parents who also got a good laugh! Love you guys! ;)

Teachinfourth said...

That made me smile.

What a great kid you've got there.

Now scratch my back, Mr. Z.

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