Monday, March 19, 2012

Two Little Piggies and a Cow in the Road

Today we went out to Danielle's house for "unfinished project day".  She lives at the end of Long Street--and it's a VERY long street (15-20 minutes drive).  We were getting close to her house and we crossed a cattle guard.  Beside the road there was a yellow sign that had a cow on it.  A couple of hundred feet down the road there were two cows standing there. 

Micah pipes up and says, "Mom!  Those cows got out!"

"Got out of where?"

"You know that sign on the road that had the cow on it?"


"They got out of there! That's where they live!"

"Under the road?"

"Yeah! In that cage!"


We then were in sight of Danielle's house, and Micah looked out the van window and saw this:
"Mom!  There is one of the little piggy's houses!  And look! Back there! There is another one!  We've found all 3 little piggy's houses!"

 (I guess these 2 pigs didn't care much for the third little pig as their houses are about 30 minutes apart. lol)

I love you Micah!  You make me smile every day.

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Mindy said...

I love this story! Too much fun!

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