Saturday, March 10, 2012


We went on a hike today.  The kids love being able to jump and run and climb.  We love that it tires them out and they go to bed a little earlier. :)  We went up a really rocky canyon today--lots more climbing than we usually do.  Micah was climbing on a rock ahead of the us, as he got on the top he turned and said, "We need to build a house up here live like cavemen!" lol

As we were heading back to the car Micah jumped down off a rock and said, "This is woman's work! Wait!...Man's work."

After our hike we drove down to the boat ramp and let the kids throw rocks into the water.  John and I were sitting a ways up on the cement and before too long Micah came marching up the boat ramp to us and said, "Eli had a stick and it was wet and he got the wet on my shirt."

Man that kid was full of them today!

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