Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do WHAT to my eyeballs?

This evening we were watching TV and a mini-wheat commercial came on. At the end of it, a mini-wheat comes around the cereal box carrying a cinnamon roll. I mentioned that it looked like a mushroom. Micah looked up from his Nintendo DS screen and said, "Dad, you need to clean out your eyeballs!"

It didn't stop there, he had is feet in my lap and suddenly kicked me really hard. I said, "Ouch buddy, that hurt!".
He stopped again, giggled, and said, "Sorry dad, I thought you were a rock." Gave me a cute little Micah look (yeah, those of you who have met him know what I am talking about) and went back to his game.

After a long day, I needed that smile. Love ya buddy!

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