Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Tough...

As I was rushing out the door to pick up my two oldest from the church from a music rehearsal, Eli headed for the door as well. Of course we had to find his shoes and coat before we left. Got the coat on, not the shoes. (little stinker).

I got out to the car and got him in. I climbed in and we were off. As we were driving I hear and deep sigh.

"What's wrong buddy?"
"It's tough lere sd;fkjsdlkfj!" (It sounded like It's tough living here).
"It's tough living here? Is that what you said?"
"No Dad, It's tough being little!"
"It's tough being little?"
"Why is that buddy? Because you can't see out the window?"

Needless to say I enjoyed a great chuckle for the rest of the drive.

Oh what a smarty pants. We sure love you little buddy. And don't worry, you will be too big too soon!

1 comment:

Mindy said...

It's a hard-knock life...LOL
What a kid!

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