Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not Me...

I guess we should change the name of this to "Micah's Crack-Ups" or something. He is definitely the most featured child. Of course if you KNOW Micah at all, then this is easy to understand.

Yesterday for Eli's birthday we got him an AWESOME car track. Click HERE to see it on Amazon (and no, I am not making money if you click... lol). Well last night the kids were fighting over it, so I told Micah and Zander they were not to touch it again until we told them they could. Eli wanted to play on it and after all it WAS his birthday! So this morning I was working at the computer and I could hear the car being put in the top of the track.

Me: "Who is in there?"


Me: "I said, 'Who is in there?'"

A tiny voice: "Not Me..."

I cracked up laughing.

Also at the table this morning Micah noticed some spilled milk next to his bowl and looked at Morgan's friend Taylnn.

"Talynn, you spilled!!!"

Talynn just looked at him.

"Oh, maybe that was me..." (laugh from Micah) "Silly me".

Gotta love this cute kid.


Joan said...

I think I really like that kid!

I also want to ride that red car! =)

Mindy said...

Oh, what a character! Allisha and you will never get bored while he's around! Too funny!

Teachinfourth said...

I thought about taking him home with me on my last visit, but I knew you'd realize it was me that had him.

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