Friday, May 20, 2011

Look At All Those Gum balls...

Micah has been spending a LOT of time with grandpa (and his "big old buddies"- that is what he calls my dad's golfing buddies. Micah gets to go with grandpa golfing almost everyday anymore). My mom and dad have had the two little boys a lot the past week in an attempt to help my wife get some rest.

Today we had a decent hail storm hit, complete with thunder and lightning. The hail started slow at first but quickly grew in size and amount. Shortly before it ended, my mom called to tell me about Micah and the hail.

She had taken him outside to watch it on the porch (at least I think she did). Anyways, as he watched his eyes got bigger and bigger and he said, "Look at all those gum's a gum ball day!"

What a cute kid.

We love you buddy!

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