Saturday, April 30, 2011

Those Just Popped!

I decided to take the kids on a walk today to give my wife and mother-in-law a little break and quiet visit/rest time with Lindey. We walked to the ACE Hardware store to get some replacement equipment for our new tetherball setup as Ian got a little carried away and broke the clip. After the hardware, we went to the post office. That was kind of a wasted trip. Got a magazine- but my wife DID get a nice card from the women's staff at the hospital with notes from all the nurses. That was nice.

After the mail, I had promised the kids we would go to the park and play for a while. However, after we left the post office, we noticed that all the construction they are doing on Main Street had made it impossible to cross to the park. The kids were muy sad and were starting to pout and complain. Thankfully, Ms. Durrant was there getting her mail and suggested we just go to the elementary school and play. The kids perked up and we headed right on over to the school. We played for about an hour. It  was nice. Ian kicked my butt in HORSE, we all played some recognizable form of 4-square, and then we headed home.

On the way home we were walking by a row of houses in town. Micah was lagging behind (he had been doing this the whole walk. He would wait until we got ahead, and then run to us to show off his 'super-speedy shoes'- crazy kid!) and when he caught up to us he said, "Hey dad, theirs popped just like ours!".
"There's popped just like our did?"
"Their 'what', buddy?"
"Their roses have popped just like ours did!"
"What do you mean by popped?"
"Those roses popped right out in to flowers."

We all laughed. What a creative little kid- and a good memory too, since our roses are no where near ready to bloom. We love you Micah!

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Teachinfourth said...

Man, I thought he was going to make some reference to a woman having a baby...

That kid...

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