Sunday, March 20, 2011


It had been a long, but excellent day. I had taken the kids to a friends house while my wife had her BUNKO party here at the house (it is a GIRL'S ONLY event)! When the party was over, she rode back to the friend's house so we could ride home together (and so I would know she was done partying!). We visited with our friends for a few minutes and then headed home. As we were coming up the front steps, Micah was not watching where he was going and ran right in to the corner of the diaper bag.
"Ouch, that hurt Mom!" (Pause) "That was pretty HARSH!" and then went bounding in the house. My wife and I stayed on the steps laughing for a moment.

I wonder where he gets these things! (I have heard rumors it is from his father...but I don't believe them...)

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