Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time To Go...

This isn't a funny moment, but one to document for the record. Our family has been sick for almost two weeks now.

Allisha and I have had the loss of voice, headache, congestion routine. We are just exhausted more than anything, and don't sleep well because we are busy taking care of whimpering children at night.

Ian has had a cough, headache, body aches, and then a head-to-toe rash since Thursday. He has been to the clinic twice, and once to a PA in Price. They drew blood and we will know the lab results tomorrow. He is getting much better as the Price PA put him on medication to reduce the rash. I am grateful that he is healing. I am also anxious to see the results tomorrow. I hope it is nothing serious. The PA in Price thought maybe Mono. I REALLY hope not!

We took Morgan came home sick from school on Wednesday and missed Thursday as well. She returned on Friday only to come home after school and start breaking out in spots like her brother. Allergic reaction to Amoxicillin for both we are not sure? Again, we are waiting for blood work results tomorrow.

Zander has been our little trooper. He has not even really been sick. I guess he just has that kind of constitution. We are grateful that he is healthy. Phew...

Micah has been sick off and on. Boy! If he is funny when he is healthy, he is a BEAST when he is under the weather. We love him to pieces. He is also the proud owner of spots all over his body. They are not nearly as severe as Ian's or Morgan's spots. We are not complaining about that either.

Eli has been sick more so than the rest...OR...he is just not handling being sick well. It is probably the later. He is has been very clingy and whiney. He also has the spots. The PA in Price took ALL the kids off their antibiotics. We are okay with that too.

I am hoping that this week will bring closure to the sick chapter for our family. I know the cough and rash will linger for a while more, but I hope that sleep and health will come our way! We can only hope.

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