Thursday, February 3, 2011

"This Doesn't Measure Me"

Tonight for dinner we had breakfast. I know, I know- crazy family we are. Apparently we have a a thing for breakfast. Anyways, Micah wanted to have a sausage link, so I gave one to him. He looked at it and decided he wanted TWO of them with his dinner. There was a small piece of one on the plate, and knowing his tendency to not eat everything, I didn't want to give him two whole ones. So I gave him the little piece. He cheered when I put what he thought was another whole link on his plate. Then he finally noticed his sausage link wasn't the a whole.
Micah: Hey, this one's a little one.
Me: It's the same size as you.
Micah (picking up the sausage and holding up to his stomach area) This doesn't measure me!
We laughed and he laughed too. What a silly boy he is.

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Teachinfourth said...

You just have to love these moments...

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