Monday, January 17, 2011

What's An 'Oh My'?

My parents decided to take us to dinner at a local fast food joint (The Chow Hound- or Chat n' Chew for those out of towners). We had ordered and were waiting for our food. The kids were excited because they knew that after dinner we were going to grandma and grandpa's to play the Wii. Zander wanted to see grandpa play his hunting game. Allisha was sitting at the table with him.
He said, "I get to go and play grandpa's hunting game!"

Allisha: "Are you going to hunt Lions, and Tigers, and Bears? Oh my!"

He looked at her for a minute with a weird little look and finally asked, "Mom? What is an 'Oh My?'"
My wife laughed and laughed.

We love you Zander-Doodle!

1 comment:

Teachinfourth said...

Glad to hear that Wizard of Oz references are still alive and well amongst today's youth!

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