Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Dinner

So we were eating dinner and my oldest son was being a smart aleck. I told him, "I ought to smack you!" It was very quiet at the table and all the kids were looking at Ian, waiting to see what would happen. Leave it to Micah to makes us laugh. He said in a quiet voice, "Yeah! Right on your butt cheek!"

We all laughed for a long time. Morgan even shot her drink out her nose. that was a good time.


Teachinfourth said...

Wow, they call it like it is in your home, don't they?

elysabeth said...

lol - Kids say the darndest things - and that is funny that Morgan shot her drink from laughing although that is not the fun way to have drink come out of a body orifice - lol - Keep it up - E :)

Elysabeth Eldering
Author of the Junior Geography Detectie Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

Where will the adventure take you next?

Mr. Hughes said...

Of course. I hope that you get to meet our little Micah someday! I think you would be impressed with him.

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