Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday at church, Sister Parsons gave a talk on Reverence. (She is also in the Primary Presidency.)  She was talking to the children and telling them about what they could do to be reverent.  She mentioned getting a drink and going to the bathroom before Sacrament Meeting started so as not to disrupt the meeting.  As she finished saying this, Micah went over to John and said, "Dad, I need to go to the bathroom!"  John internally groaned as he knew what the talk was on and how it would look to get up and walk out with Micah right then, but took him anyways because he's 3 and just can't hold it that long.  After Micah finished in the bathroom, John helped him wash his hands and then Micah announced, "Now it's time for my drink!" John said, "No, we're not getting a drink--that can wait."  Micah got upset and said, "But Sister Parsons said I needed to go to the bathroom and get a drink so I can be reverent!" John started laughing and said, "She meant before Sacrament started, not during!"  See, kids do listen! LOL

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Teachinfourth said...

Man, that kid sounds like a real card!

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