Tuesday, January 11, 2011

High Five

So my wife was at the elementary school picking up our daughter from cheer camp practice. Morgan is very excited to be doing the cheer camp and we are sad as her parents to have to miss it. As my wife was waiting, a friend of ours came over and started visiting. Our daughter plays at their house all the time and Stacy said she just had to tell Allisha what Morgan had done on her last visit. (As my wife was telling me this story, I kinda cringed. You just never know what kids will do...) Anyways, Morgan had gone to play and Stacy hadn't heard what what we were having. She asked Morgan if she knew if the baby was a boy or a girl. Morgan said, "It's a girl...High Five!" and held her hand out.

Allisha and I laughed and laughed. She has never been this forward with her excitement at home and we loved hearing that she really is excited.

Love you little girl...Love you lots.

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