Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Decorations at the table

Most of us were done eating dinner last night.  We make the kids finish everything that is on their plates. Eli was apparently done eating because his comment to John was, "Dad, see this spaghetti on my plate?  It's just for decoration."  Ha ha!  That was a first!  With 4 kids preceding him, we had not heard that excuse before.  We decided that was creative enough that he didn't have to finish it. This kid keeps us on our toes! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Any for some Italian food while you're in the slammer?

We went on a walk down Main Street in Price.  We got to the corner where Farlaino's Restaurant is, and were going to turn around when Eli said, "Look! They have an underground jail!"
July 7, 2014

My four grandmas

Sister Holyoak got up in sacrament meeting to say the closing prayer.  Lindey leaned over to me and whispered, "Mom, that's my grandma!" I said, "No, that's Chloe's grandma". Lindey got a little stink face and said, "Yes it is.  That's my nursery grandma and my other grandma has grey hair!"

We told the nursery leaders this, and both Kathy and Shaunee Harrison (the grey haired grandma) said she calls them 'grandma' quite often in nursery.  Boy, Lindey is sure going to miss them when we move!  Thanks for helping her to love nursery! :)
July 6, 2014

After church Lindey told me that she has four grandmas: Two nursery grandmas, her grandma, and her other grandma. Lol :)  You should all feel very loved!

Rockin' it!

Micah brought me this rock:
He told me, " It's shaped like a heart, just for you!"
Lindey was standing next to me.  She looked around for a second, picked up a rock and said, "Look Mom! It's shaped like a chicken, just for you!"

I love that little girl. :)
June 10, 2014


John was watering the yard and the kids were playing on the swing set.
"Dad, Does this look dangerous?" Eli asked
"Yes!" John said.
" is." Eli replied.
June 14, 2014


"Mommy!  Ms. Durrant! Come look! My daddy is vacuuming the grass!" Lindey yelled.

She even got a chance to help with the vacuuming!
June 14, 2014

Stinky Brothers

"Brother's are stinky!" Lindey said.
"Am I stinky?" John asked.
"Is Mom stinky?"
"Is sissy stinky?"
"No, she's just right!"
"So just your brothers are stinky?"

-She's got that right! :) lol June 13, 2014

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