Monday, March 30, 2015

Repentance and Pennies

Tonight we had Suzette and her family over for Family Home Evening.  Eli was teaching the lesson about repentance. He started by asking, "Who in this family has stole something?"
We all looked at each other.
He asked again, "Who stole something?"
Again we all looked around. Finally, Zander said he had. Eli started grilling him about what he had stolen. Zander wasn't about to give up that information.
We, as the four adults, tried to get him back to the lesson, but he was fixated on knowing what was stolen and wouldn't move on.
John's niece, Samantha, finally said she had stolen a penny from her friend. (Because she left it on the floor of her bedroom.)  Eli then asked what his puzzle said (He had this lesson in Primary and the puzzle pieces had the steps to repentance on them). We told him what they said, and then he finally talked about what to do AFTER to make it better, and, since Sam said she had taken a penny, he was into telling her how to repent and that she needed to pay the person a penny back!  He made quite the example of her. Lol--It was hilarious!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Skipping along, do do, singing a song...

Lindey was skipping down the hall at the school.  I started singing to her, "Skip, skip, skip to my Lou....skip, skip, skip to my Lou....skip, skip, skip to my Lou...skip to my Lou my Darling."

Lindey grinned at me then started singing, "Skip, skip, skip to my Mom!"

I didn't even make the connection that we call her Lu and that "Lou" is in the song until she started singing back to me! Ha ha!

January 13, 2015

We're going to crash...

We were waiting to make a left turn at a stoplight and were at the front of the line.  Lindey looked up from her Kindle and calmly said, "Daddy, we are going to crash because there's a car right there." Then she went back to playing her Kindle.

(There was a car in the turn lane across from us.)

It made us laugh with how calm she was and so matter of fact about it! Gotta love kids!

January 9, 2015

Blink, blink, blink...

We were on our way to a Doctor's appointment in Provo and while driving through the canyon Eli was looking out the window.  He very excitedly said, "Look at the snow! They are blinking!"
"What are blinking?" I asked.
"The sparkles on the snow are blinking!"

It was beautiful!

January 9th, 2015

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mary had a little lamb...

As we were decorating for Christmas, Morgan and Lindey got out the Little People Nativity set we have.  They began setting it up when Lindey came running over to me with one of the figures.

When she got to me she said, "Mom!  I found Mary!"  Then in all her 3 year old seriousness continued with, "She had a little lamb."

John and I laughed and laughed over that one.

Not quite the right Mary, although I'm pretty sure there was a lamb in the stable.
November 25, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

I lived in Heaven...

John's sister, Paula, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer a couple of months ago.  Yesterday they gathered the family together so they could turn off the life support.  I got a call from John telling me we were going to go to Salt Lake to the hospital.  In order to get things in order so we could go, I was texting on my phone and making calls.
Lindey came up to me and asked, "Who is texting you so much?"  I told her that Aunt Paula was very sick and that she probably would go to live with Heavenly Father today.
 Lindey pondered that for a moment then said, "She will like that."
I know she didn't really understand all that was going on, but her little thought made me pause for a moment.  What a little sweetheart!  How true is that statement??
A few minutes later I got another text, and Lindey asked, "Is that Aunt Paula telling you she's gone to live with Jesus?"  All I could answer was, "No, not yet, sweetheart."

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Full of Hot Air

We went and watched the drama class at the high school perform "The Little Mermaid".  It was dark when we came outside and a little on the chilly side.  None of the kids had worn a jacket.

While walking back to the car Zander said to me, "Can we turn on the hot air conditioner?"

November 5, 2014
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